Let’s taco about it!

The best quick fire wraps this side of the Gulf of Mexico.

Sometimes, nothing else will better cure a Sunday hangover at a festival than a  burrito the size of your face.

Even better when you know it’s coming fresh off a vegan only grill.

So oh how the vegan gods were praised when we and the members of the excellent Maia band came across Club Mexicana at Wilderness Festival.

A London-based  veggie joint, they serve up creative tex mex tacos and burritos stuffed with everything from baja to-fish, ‘carne’ asada and mac and cheese and with no bargain basement refried beans in sight.

Made faster than the fastest gun slinger in the Wild West, there’s no better

place to show your non-vegan mates just how full of beans us vegan lot are (sorry, I know 😉 ).

Most of us went for the BBQ pulled jackfruit burrito-a smokey piece of tastebud tingling awesomeness.

Naturally, the smallest two of our party had room for seconds-a rad tofu-fish blue corn taco with pickled cabbage and sour cream.

Go get one while they’re hot-this vegan burrito team sure are on a roll (sorry, last one, I promise).

Queen of tofu

 Tofu katsu ju at Tokyo Diner

IT’s all too easy to have bad tofu: I should know, being responsible for making a lot of it ;).

I just don’t seem to have the hours in the day to try bother making it taste of something.

But if you wanna find some guys who definitely do, you need look no further than Tokyo Diner in London’s Soho.

While they may not have a large vegan menu (the back of the menu informs you that some of the dishes contain lactose or fish broth), the chefs’ tofu katsu ju makes up for it all.

A whole tofu block coated in panko breadcrumbs, it comes with a sweet and sticky miso sauce and bowl of white rice.

Pure and simple, the 25 ingredient standard vegan meal with a 4 sauce minimum this was not!

But boy, what it lacks in ingredients it sure makes up for in taste! Rich, creamy, crunchy and vinegary in all the right places, not to mention ungreasy, it rocks.

Address: 2 Newport Place, WC2H 7JJ.

Hours: Noon to midnight


Andalucia vegan dining out guide

IT may be the land of jamon, seafood paella and queso.

But, believe it or not, vegans too can share in the some of the culinary delights of Andalucia, thanks to a growing number of vegan-friendly locations.

Read on to find out about some of the cafes, bars and restaurants with a substantial vegan offering, that make the most of the array of locally grown fruit and vegetables.


Elemi, Edificio Puertosol, Avenida del Carmen

Although located 30 minutes walk from the main town centre, Estepona’s only vegetarian and vegan cafe is certainly worth the trip.

Sample homely, regularly changing treats such as the spinach and lentil moussaka or feast on the three course menu del dia for 8.95. Better still, go to enjoy their vegan tapas menu, which boasts by far the biggest animal-free selection in the town.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am-6pm


Green Bar, Av. Ricardo Soriano 36

A vegan-friendly cafe serving up gluten free fare. It has a 9.50 menu del dia which includes at least one vegan option.

Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am-10pm, Sunday 8am-2pm

Organic Market, Centro Comercial Expo 14, Blvd. Alfonso Von Hohenlohe

Light and airy cafe that goes big on striking, naturally multi-coloured cuisine. Salads, smoothies, sharing snacks and raw vegan cheesecakes are just some of the tempting goodies.

Hours: Monday to Sunday 9am to 8pm

San Pedro

Flautas veganas

Origen Organic Food, Calle Nueva 20

Serving up Mexican style Salads, burgers, tacos tapas and snacks along with raw cakes smoothies, eco wine and beer.

Hours: Monday to Saturday 12-5pm and 7-11pm


OWL Organic Market, Avenida de Salamanca, 13

Vegan Russian salad

Relax and unwind while enjoying OWL’s array of clean-eating dishes such as salads, sandwiches and vegan burgers. Also sells locally-produced organic bread, fruit and vegetables, superfood blends and offers cooking classes for adults and children.

Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, weekends 11am-5pm



Wala Room,  Calle La Toja, 1

Vegan and raw food joint serving up offerings such as shitake and mango tartar and vegetable spaghetti and noodles.

Hours: Thursday to Sunday 1-11pm



Chirimoya, Calle Iglesia, 3

Mostly organic cafe with an Italian bent that serves risotto, wholegrain pizza, pasta and salads.

Hours: Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday 12-6pm and Friday and Saturday 12-10.30pm

Mezze, Molino de viento 9

Specialises in its good value ‘mezze del dia’, which includes a choice of healthy starters, mains and desserts for around 10.

Hours: Tuesday to Thursday 12.30-10.30pm, Friday and Saturday 12.30-10pm


La Libelula, Calle Periana, 3

A slow food cafe serving tapas, spelt bruschettas, salads and regularly changing hot dishes such as chickpea tempeh and healthy desserts. Serves a set several course menu del dia Monday to Fridays from 1-4.30pm.

Hours: Monday to Friday 1-11pm and Saturday 11-11pm

Vegetalia, Calle Santa Isabel, 8

A laid back cafe that opens occasionally as a restaurant in the evenings.

Expect an all-you-can-eat buffet selection by day with four course set meal options at night.

Hours: 12.30-4pm Monday to Saturday, with evening openings listed on the Facebook page



Nigella Bistro, Calle Pepa Guerra Valdenebro, 2

Vegans need not miss out on anything at Nigella Bistro. The indulgent brunch selection includes pancakes and a vegan twist on the traditional full English, while fake caviar is among the savoury appetisers. Quiches, pastas, burgers, sandwiches and vegan icecreams complete the culinary line up.  

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 10am-5.30pm and 9pm-12am Friday and Saturdays



Astrid Taperia, Calle Calderón de La Barca 6

Organic cafe serving breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. burgers, soups, none of which are made using fried ingredients.

Hours: Monday 1-4pm, Tuesday to Saturday 1-11pm and Sunday 1-3.45pm

Casa Invisible, Calle Nosquera 11

Hidden among Malaga old town’s labyrinthine streets, this delightful courtyard spot is well worth the search.

A community and social centre, it has a bustling programme of live arts events and regular classes.

Its bar serves up an ample vegan tapas selection, such as seitan with creamed mushrooms, soya burritos, garlic potatoes and cauliflower curry.

Hours: 10am-11pm

Canadu, Plaza de la Merced, 21

A vegetarian restaurant with an ample vegan selection, including several fake meat dishes such as seitan scallops with garlic and lemon and Middle Eastern pilafs.

Hours: Monday to Thursday 1.30-4.30pm and 7.30-11pm, Friday to Saturday 1.30-4.30pm and 8pm-12am and Sunday 7.30-11pm

El Calafate, Calle Andrés Perez 4

Another great find nestled in the narrow old town streets.

Go for the 12 set menu, which includes mainly vegan options and delicious desserts. Be prepared to wait at peak dining hours, as this place gets packed.

Hours: Monday to Saturday 1-11.45pm

Sacio Bar, Calle Martínez Maldonado, 69

Enjoy tapas classics, vegan style. The changing menu includes animal-free versions of russian salad, ‘meatballs’, ‘chorizo’ and even ‘boquerones’ (anchovies).

Hours: 1.30-4pm and 8-11pm

Macrodules La Espiral, Calle dos aceras 24

Still room for more? Then make sure to check out this vegan-loving bakery. It makes and sells organic cakes, biscuits and sweets that eschew unnaturally-occurring sugars.

Hours: Monday to Friday 10.15am-2.30pm and 5-8.30pm, with 7.45pm closing on Tuesday and Thursday, Saturday 10.15am-2.30pm



La Veganesa, Mercado Central de Cádiz n/54

Vegan meatballs (albondigas) in curry sauce

Sample hearty and healthy fusion cuisine which can include everything from noodles stews to tortilla and burgers. Do not forget to leave room for dessert, including the special vegan panna cotta.

Hours: Tuesday 12.30-3pm, Wednesday to Saturday 12.30-3pm and 8.15-10.30pm and Sunday 12.30-4.30pm


Castellar de la Frontera

Vegan ceviche

EcoTapería El Cortijo, Castillo V-Bobadilla, 5

Take time to enjoy the stunning scenery from this hilltop hideaway, which makes ‘slow food.’ A lot of the dishes are created using ingredients from the cafe’s own vegetable patch, while the majority of the others come from local providers. Rotating specials can include vegetable curry, pumpkin pastries, stews and soups.

Hours: Monday to Thursday 12-5pm, Friday to Sunday 12-5.30pm, Tuesday closed


La Linea

Pan Con To, Calle Doctor Villar 21

It may not be the first town you would think to stop off in for a vegan feast, but Pan Co To will not disappoint. It has a special vegan tapas menu which includes options such as as vegan meatballs and almond cheese.



Tarifa Eco Center, Calle de San Sebastián 6

This health and social justice promoting community centre is also home to a vegan-friendly pizzeria and restaurant. Try the leek, mushroom and courgette pizza after an active day of kitesurfing.


Chilimosa, Calle Peso 6

Seitan a la plancha

Vegetarian takeaway and tapas bar specialising in generously sized Middle Eastern/Asian-inspired platters, seitan kebabs and a good tea selection.

Hours: 12.30-3.30pm and 7-11pm



Al Laurel, Calle Laurel de las Tablas

Cosy, classy and atmospheric, Al Laurel is the perfect date spot.

It offers a special vegan and gluten free menu del dia at lunchtimes from Tuesday to Friday.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to midnight

Reina Cristina cake

El Oju, Calle General Narváez, 4

A solely vegan tapas joint that also serves tacos, burgers and cake. Try the vegan migas (traditional bread crumb dish) or tofu a la plancha.

Hours: 1.30-4.30pm and 8.30pm to 12.30am

Libido Pizza, Calle Gonzalo Gallas 19

Vegans can enjoy a takeout pizza and film night too, thanks to Libido Pizza. There are currently six cheeseless options to choose from, with extra topping requests possible. Pick up or home delivery possible.

Hours: Monday to Friday 1-11.30pm and weekends 8-11.30pm

Restaurante Raices, Calle Pablo Picasso, 30

Established in 1982, this was the city’s first vegetarian restaurant. Its extensive menu includes everything from salads, couscous and Asian style tofu to more decadent dishes such as pies, breaded tofu and seitan steaks with chips.

Hours: 1.30-4pm and 9-11.30pm



Now boasting a plentiful vegan tapas menu to rival any of its meat or fish options. Small plates include twists on classic recipes such as ‘meat’ pie, lasagna and croquettes.

Hours: Monday to Friday 8am-11pm, Saturday 10am-11pm and Sunday 10am-10pm

Verdi Verdi, 2A Main Street

Founded by Israeli Idan Greenberg, this eatery is a true hummus heaven. Order it with pitta bread, ful beans, falafel, roast veg or chilli jam. Also does a good line in vegan cakes and pastries.

Hours: Monday to Friday 7.30am-5pm

Supernatural, Unit 101, World Trade Center

Get off to a great, healthy start in the morning with a visit to new kid in town, Supernatural. You may struggle to choose between breakfast options such as the berry bircher muesli, cacao chia pudding and gourmet porridge, while avocado on toast and superfood topped nachos are available for lunch and dinner. Also has a good smoothie selection.

Hours: Monday to Friday 7.30am-9pm, Saturday 10am-10pm and Sunday 11am-6pm

Muscle Bakery, 6D Cornwall’s Centre

Although not yet with a cafe or or walk-in shop of its own, its range of tempting, vegan treats can be bought at various other eateries on the Rock or via mail order. We bet you will not be able to resist its vegan snickers cake or ‘pecantastic’ bar.

Contact: info@themusclebakery.eu or its Facebook page.

It’s been a while…

TIME  is a strange beast.

Some days seem to saunter by, but certainly not these last few months.

Amidst the whirlwind I’ve found myself a new job for September in…Galicia!

Clearly I must have been missing the rain.

Now back in Inglaterra for the (not so) great British summer, it’s time to fill you in with my vegan survival guide for both Spain and the added temporary addition of the UK.

Pues, bienvenido, otra vez!

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