Meal review: La Esquina del Arte, Estepona

Vegetables a la plancha by La Esquina del Arte

AFTER half a year in Spain, it’s safe to say I’ve become quite the expert on restaurants’ token vegan dish: verduras a la plancha.

And now, after searching high and low, I think I’ve found Estepona’s best stab at it.

But how different can one heap of grilled veggies be from another, you ask?

Well, with the burnt to a crisp, steeped in salt, sliding off the plate in oil and sprinkled with a meat ‘garnish’ for a start, our restaurateurs seem to have managed it, whether errr they intended to or not ;).

But this offering from La Esquina del Arte in the old town seems to have hit the nail on the head.

Grilled but not charcoaled, seasoned but not dowsed in oil or salt and served with a well-cooked portion of rice, it was a healthy yet plentiful version that didn’t leave me feeling like I was on a forced diet.

Maybe my bar has slipped, but it was nice that they offered to serve it with pasta instead, small things, eh?

Whether they would have thought to add a sauce to it had I wanted that is another question for another day.

Address: Calle Villa, 8, Estepona

Hours: 12pm-4pm and 7-12pm, closed Mondays


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