Breaking bread: Dining difficulties in Estepona

MORE bread, anyone? 

Bread, bread…and more bread

Actually, vegans may be best keeping it all for themselves if dining out in some taperias in Estepona.

Yep, we may be in the garden of Europe but it seems some local eateries did not get the memo.

Patatas pajas

One of them is El Tejar, Estepona’s Basque pinxto restaurant, where lucky me got to dine on not on one but two baskets of the staff of life.

Ok, so I did manage to mix it up a bit with one of the two other vegan items on the menu-patatas pajas and patatas fritas.

A second dish came ‘off menu’- a very salty plate of grilled veg.

Pass the salt-a very alkaline portion of grilled vegetables

Oh, and of course I can’t forget the hilarious side salad of disdain from the waiter when I told him I was vegan.

Hey, you can’t win them all in Spain.

But at least you can get by when the sweet wine is flowing, the company is great…and best of all, the bread baskets come for free ;).


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