Ronda: Pizzeria Italiana Nonno Peppe

dsc_0686WHEN you’re skint but live near a huge mountain, what else are you going to do but climb it?

Well, that was my hare-brained thinking when I embarked on a rather large cycle ride from Estepona to Ronda with my boyfriend.

After cycling 80km and climbing 2,300m through Gaucin and villages that Spain forgot existed, only something huge and carby for dinner would do.

Luckily it didn’t take us long to find what we were looking for.

The long, narrow street of Ronda’s Calle Nueva is crammed with eateries all vying for attention.

We counted at least three pizzerias within barely 100m of each other, sandwiched in between dozens of traditional Spanish taperias.

Pizzeria Nonno Peppe drew us in with its welcomingly large pizza oven and cozy surroundings, perfect for two chilly cyclists who had forgotten about the shock temperature difference between the coast and mountain towns.nonno

Nonne Peppe wins the award for being the first Andalucian restaurant not to offer a bread basket.

Not being a crazed bread addict like some of my Spanish friends, this doesn’t normally bother me.

But when your body begins to realise its dealing with a huge calorie deficit, you have to act fast.

So a tomato garlic bread pizza was the natural choice to fill the bready void.

It came 10 minutes later, just as we began to feel our fingers again.

Vegetable spaghetti

Huge, round and with an amazing smell, it made up for any earlier dough-based disappointment.

Tearing off the first slice revealed there was no soggy bottom issue, something that happens all too easily with cheeseless, tomato pizzas.

The crust was at once crisp with the right balance between light and substantial, perfect for hungry cycling crazies.

Will had to act quick to get any before it disappeared.

Part dos of my carb binge was  the mixed vegetable (courgette, aubergine and pepper) non-egg based spaghetti.

It was served with a juicy herbed tomato sauce and was hoovered up with much gusto.

I won’t subject vegan readers to a review of Will’s main course- a seafood and cheese pizza.

Address: Calle Nueva, 18 , Ronda

Hours: 11am-4pm and 7pm-11.30pm



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