Pancake Day, The Español Way

Churros from La Vina in Estepona
Churros from La Via in Estepona

Feliz Día del Panqueques! 

Although you would not know it out here in Andalucia, where the beloved British gorge-fest has been sidelined in favour of the Día de Andalucía public holiday.

Undeterred, my friend Elsa and I thought we would celebrate the occasion all the same this morning, albeit with a Spanish twist.

Churros could be Spain’s answer to the Anglo Shrove Tuesday pancake obsession…at least to two hungry Brits on the go.

After all, they contain the same basic ingredients of flour and water…a frugal mix that also gives them the vegan seal of approval.

They’re also both cooked in oil, although as you can probably tell from the photo, it’s not used sparingly when making churros.

They obviously have a lot in common too with British seaside doughnuts, especially where the calorie intake is concerned.

We stopped by the La Viña in Estepona, one of the few cafes opening early enough for us poor work-bound souls on the bank holiday.dsc_0810

€1 later and we were presented with a huge pile of thick churros-you have got to love the cheap living in Andalucia.

Crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, they were also light and way too easy to gobble down.

Elsa had the joy of dipping them into a cup of melted chocolate, the traditional way to eat them in Spain.

I enjoyed mine plain but if you want to really indulge, ask for them to be coated in sugar and cinnamon.

Or best still, bring your own pot of melted vegan chocolate out with you and do as the Spaniards do :D.


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