Vegan pizza in Estepona review: Pizzeria Da Marco

Vegan pizza from Pizzeria Da Marco, Estepona
Vegan pizza from Pizzeria Da Marco, Estepona

YOU should never need an excuse to eat pizza.

And after taking part in my first ever mountain trail running race in Spain (up Marbella’s awesome Sierra Blanca), ingesting one was nothing short of imperative.

Fortunately, there are a montón of places to chow down on one in Estepona.

It seems that even Spaniards, who have a fierce sense of pride over their own locally produced breads, can’t get enough of the ubiquitous Italian meal.

Pizzeria Da Marco had been recommended to both my friend Lauren

Pizzeria Da Marco’s menu- NB, displaying old prices

and I several times over.

Found on the main town centre bar street of Calle Real, it’s a popular place to stop before or during a night out.

Simple in decor inside, Da Marco concentrates all of its efforts on its pizza, pretty much the only dish on its menu.

And boy do its chefs do it well.

Requesting a cheese free pizza was no problem at all- in fact, the waitress we had actually turned out to be a big fan of the vegan diet.

Now that is definitely not something you find in this part of Spain everyday.

What was difficult was deciding what to put on mine.

€9 euros gets you a 33cm pizza with four toppings. Skip the meat, cheese and fish selection and you’re still left with a long list.

Proof I did it- a very hungry me after the Sierra Blanca mountain race

It was the artichoke (alcachofa), aubergine (berenjena), pepper (pimiento) and olive (aceituna) mix that won out in the end.

The kitchen has one serious pizza oven, as it arrived at our table only five minutes later.

It had a base only like those I have eaten in Tuscany-light and perfectly crisp but not burnt.

The tomato sauce was plentiful but not too thick-something that can often turn vegan pizzas into a soggy mess that would be better eaten through a straw than with hands.

There was no skimping on the toppings too,  something that can happen with chefs who prefer to just pile on the cheese on their non vegan pizzas.

Sierra Blanca in Marbella-the perfect mountain to help you earn your pizza
You will want more than one pizza after climbing up Marbella’s Sierra Blanca

The only problem with the tasty, light pizza was just how quickly it disappeared.

Note to all hungry post-mountain run vegans-if you want to walk away full, make a budget for at

least two of them.

Pizzeria Da Marco, Calle Real 2, Estepona. Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 6pm to 2am



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